We are excited to bring you two different ways for you to be able to select and purchase Australian favourites and have them delivered to you. These different sites need to have different distribution systems in place and to work effectively delivering products to you.

Each company is wholly owned by myself and will have the right payment options for the customers it serves.

For products already in China: 

Royal Food Group Pty Ltd

Royal Food Group will allow you to order and buy a range of leading Australian products from various organisations who have  already cleared customs by meeting the label and ingredients requirements, the products are already in China and ready for you to order and have delivered directly to you.

Click on the RFG icon below to visit the Royal Food Group site.


I hope you enjoy our ranges and unique ways of providing choice to you our customer.

The range of products includes:



The wine range is extensive and other varieties are illustrated for your selection.



Wild Abalone harvested off the coast of Western Australia.